Some topics have been explored in greater depth on the Heartwood blog as series ranging from three to ten posts. The shorter series are the length of magazine articles and the longer ones would constitute book chapters.

The links listed below conveniently bring up all the posts in the selected series on a single page.

PLEASE NOTE: The first post in the series will appear at the bottom of the page, so read from the BOTTOM UPWARD.  

Byrd Shelix cutterhead  4 posts

Bevel-up plane design  5 posts

Carcase doweling  4 posts

Choose a finish at the start  4 posts

Choosing rasps  4 posts

Creating a work in wood – from idea to finished piece  8 posts

Cross-rail joint  5 posts

Curves – designing and making  14 posts

Designing and making wooden handles for furniture  3 posts

Dowel joinery – looking inside  3 posts

Dovetail Guide by Rob  links to a 43-page guide

Dovetailing – transferring tail layout to pin board  3 posts

East meets West: My saws  9 posts

Edge-to-edge joints  10 posts

Finish hand planing difficult woods  4 posts

High-end drawers  9 posts

Is it worth it?  4 posts

Jointer-planer combination machines 8 posts

Mahogany . . . or something like it 4 posts

Marking, cutting, and mortise gauges  5 posts

Moisture meters  4 posts

My favorite finishes  7 posts

Nexabond (now DAP Rapid Fuse for Wood) CA glue  5 posts

Plane iron camber  5 posts

Practical tool cabinet  6 posts

Router mortise jig  3 posts

Ruler Trick  5 posts

Quick Tips  Practical tips you can use now. 8 posts, 65 tips!

Sanding  5 posts

Sawing to a line: Uncommon tips  6 posts

Sharpening bench  5 posts

Shooting  9 posts

Table saw vs. bandsaw  3 posts

What they don’t tell you  8 posts

Woods I love  6 posts

Working with the Veritas scraping plane  3 posts