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Hall table  bubinga, wenge  40″ wide

Cabinet on stand  big-leaf maple, pear, mahogany, Port Orford cedar, rosewood 40″ w, 50″ h

Low table  walnut, ash  34″ long

Wedding wine box  curly ovangkol, figured redheart big-leaf maple, wenge  14″ wide

Pair of occasional tables  Claro walnut; curly big-leaf maple  27.5″ high

Mirrors  lacewood; bubinga  29″ high

Cabinet  mahogany, spalted maple, ebony  34″ high

Table  walnut, wenge  29″ high

Display cabinet  koa, pear, maple, ebony  22.5″ wide

Low table  maple, mahogany  24″ long

Urn  red oak, koa

Box  Claro walnut, zebrawood  8.5″ wide

Accessories: Claro walnut business card holders, Claro walnut clock, bubinga letter opener