• Monday, February 21st, 2011

The Wood Expo 2011 promises to be an exciting feature of the 61st annual New England Home Show, February 24-27 (Thursday through Sunday), at the Seaport World Trade Center, Boston. The theme of the Expo is “Reconnecting the Maker and the Buyer,” and features Tommy MacDonald, woodworker, North Bennet Street School graduate, and host of the WGBH TV series Rough Cut Woodworking with Tommy Mac.

The Wood Expo, originated by Tommy, features a juried exhibit of exquisite furniture by craftsmen who will also be engaging visitors with woodworking demonstrations and discussion. Renowned furniture makers and teachers Phil Lowe and Allan Breed are among the compelling list of guest speakers, while exhibitors include the North Bennet Street School.

The NE Home Show is a huge offering for homeowners, designers, and contractors and has devoted considerable space and marketing to the woodworking section. Tommy has leveraged his star power to promote fine craftsman-made furniture and accessories to the buying public.

Yours truly is one of the exhibiting craftsmen and demonstrators. My piece will be on display and I will be demonstrating and discussing mortise and tenon joinery. It would be fun to meet some Heartwood readers there – stop by and let’s talk shop. I think the idea of the Wood Expo is just what high-end woodworking needs: connecting with, engaging, and educating potential buyers in the context of a major, highly publicized venue. Yea, I’m stoked!

Please see these links for show information and features.

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    I wish I lived closer. This would be an awesome event I’m sure.

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    William Ferullo 

    Will you be there Sunday? I plan on heading up there and checking it out, hope to chat.

  3. 3

    I will be there all four days, including Sunday. Please do stop by and say hi.


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    Rob Bois 

    Rob, it was great to meet you at the Wood Expo, and glad I now know about the Heartwood blog. I have added you to my reader, and will be sure to keep up with it.

  5. 5

    Thanks, Rob, my pleasure as well.

    Readers check out Rob’s blog, The Bois Shop, on my list of Woodworking Links. His walnut writing desk was at the show and, believe me, is gorgeous.


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    Hey, How can I go to learn woodworking? I am a student who knows nothing about woodworking but I’d love to learn. Can anyone help me go to learn? Thank you

  7. 7


    Briefly, here are some suggestions. First, decide what you want to build – furniture, boxes, wood sculpture, built-ins, Adirondack chairs, whatever. A good book to start with is Peter Korn’s Woodworking Basics.

    Find a place to work, however modest. Get some basic, good quality tools based on what you want to make. Read, do a bit of practicing, then build something and just try to make it good, don’t worry about great, and forget about perfect.

    Good luck, and happy woodworking.