• Friday, November 28th, 2008

Coming up next week: the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event, December 5&6, 2008 (Friday and Saturday) at the Sturbridge Host Hotel, Sturbridge, Massachusetts. John Economaki, Chris Becksvoort, Bob Van Dyke, and I will be among the demonstrators showing techniques and talking tools and woodworking. Here is a fun and informative opportunity to try out top quality hand tools and pick up skills and tips at the many workstations. I hope to meet some readers of this blog there. This is a relaxed, hands-on event. Admission is free.

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  1. Rob, Thanks for being at the show. I learned quite a bit while attending on Friday.

    At some point in the mid/late afternoon, you were demonstrating a high angle plane which you described as just the thing for working difficult grain. One of your light colored wood samples produced a great aroma (not the red oak which has an odor I detest.) I neglected to write down the type of wood it was, and hope you can remind me. (We did not talk. I just lurked as you demonstrated and helped another fellow try out the plane.)

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    No problem. The fragrant wood was Port Orford Cedar. See this post:
    That particular wood you will find very easy to plane with just a 45 degree frog bevel down plane, or for that matter, just about any other configuration plane.

    Happy woodworking.

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    Thanks for coming out to the show, it was great to talk to you on Saturday.


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    You’re welcome, I enjoyed it. Good luck with your woodworking.