Some tool sellers and makers that I highly recommend:

Bad Axe Toolworks  Mark Harrell makes the best backsaws on earth.

Craftsman Studio  Fine hand tools, knowledgeable seller, and excellent service.

Hardware City Tools  Bill Rittner’s great replacement plane handles and his blog here.  Japanese tools from a highly knowledgeable seller, So Yamashita.

Vogt Toolworks  The Vogt Shooting board and more. Tico’s blog is here.



Northwest Timber  My favorite source for the coolest wood on earth.


Interesting and informative woodworking blogs and websites

BRFineWoodworking blog  Period furniture with hand tool methods, by Bob Rozaieski.

Chiefwoodworker  All things woodworking, by Joe Zeh.

Close Grain  Hand tool woodworking in the digital age, by Steve Branam.

Hand Tool School  by Shannon Rodgers

Jeff Branch  Projects and SketchUp info.

Kilted Woodworker  Woodworking chronicle, by Ethan Sincox.

Matt’s Basement Workshop  Prolific woodworking podcast, by Matt Vanderlist.

Norse Woodsmith   Blog aggregator, by Leif Hanson.

Part-time Woodworker  A few laughs and old hand tools, by Mitchell.

Stu’s Shed  Videos, techniques, and tool reviews, by Stuart Lees.

Unplugged Shop  Hand tool woodworking blog aggregator.

Unplugged Woodshop  Woodworker, musician, author Tom Fidgen.

WK Fine Tools  A vast collection of useful hand tool articles and information, by Wiktor Kuc.

Wood Treks  Very well produced woodworking video journeys, by Keith Cruickshank.

Woodworking by Hand  Hand tool work emphasizing planes, from Italy, by Giuliano Parise.


Popular Woodworking magazine  Plenty of good information and instruction.

Woodworking History  Woodworking history compiled by the late Ray McInnis.