• Thursday, March 10th, 2016


Every once in a long while on this blog, your devoted scribe sweeps off the sawdust to see how this little blog is doing. According to the stats counter program, Heartwood has, since its inception, received about 2.5 million legitimate visits (i.e. humans, not crawlers, robots, and so forth) and more than 7 million page views.

The main message here is: thank you, dear readers. Special thanks to those who have posted comments. I will not be shy about encouraging comments – they add interest for all readers, and give me a sense of connection with woodworkers out there. I also enjoy the many woodworking questions emailed by readers, though when appropriate, I suggest present the inquiry as a comment on the blog so the information can be shared among readers.

Content on Heartwood now includes almost 160,000 words, which is the length of two to three non-fiction books, and more than 800 original photographs. Remember to check the Series Topics tab (under the header photo) for groups of posts on single topics. In the past year, I’ve posted about one-third less than usual, due to less available time, but not due to running out of things to say. I’m going to try to pick it up soon. As always, I’ll offer real-deal content “from the sawdust and shavings of my shop,” not armchair woodworking.

Blogging (by the way, I’ve never liked that word; it sounds like something you do uncontrollably when you’re ill), including woodworking blogging, is certainly not as vibrant as several years ago. Other media, particularly social media and video posting have taken their shares of the communications universe. Still, I think a good blog is a useful and enjoyable medium to share woodworking information and ideas, and interest on this one does not seem to have waned.

Thus, again, thank you, readers.

Coming up is a series on edge-to-edge joints. Happy woodworking.


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  1. i’m for one very thankful that you post regularly and information dense information on woodworking, Rob. it’s really useful. i’m one of the “check pocorro’s blog” if there’s some obscure thing i need to figure out….the Hammer A3-31 case in point. but there are others.

    anyway, keep posting and looking fowrward to hearing about edge jointing.

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    David Taylor 


    Personally, I like blogs more than other forms of how content is being made nowadays. I would much rather read someone’s thoughts, augmented by pictures, than have to sit through twenty minutes of video for someone to put his/her intro, snappy music, um’s between every other word, bad audio, etc.

    Maybe I’m old school, but I can tell you this, as long as you are blogging, I am reading :)

    Thanks so much for all you do!
    David Taylor

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    Thank you for your efforts! I began woodworking four years ago, and your writing helped me to learn a sometimes confusing hobby. As far as other media is concerned, I enjoy the written word. I read to learn and for entertainment. I have enjoyed your writing.

  4. 4

    Adam, David, Tim,

    Thanks so much for the kind and inspiring words.


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    I think it’s a very good point that social media may have eaten up a bit of blog traffic – but it will never be on the same level as a learning tool in my opinion. I wish I would have found your (and a few other) blogs years ago, and I’m sure many more feel the same. Look forward to more posts – I check back every day, comments or no!

  6. Rob-

    We are the people who should be thanking you for all your help and helpful ideas.

    BTW, I got a bunch of the Disston file handles and you are absolutely correct. They are wonderful and make the rasping and filing much more comfortable. PLUS THEY LOOK REALLY SHARP.

    The rasps you reviewed are also top notch. I am shaping a few saw handles and they handle the bulk removal very well without any clogging. My wifey purchased some nail (fingernail) brushes at the dollar store for cleaning the rasps and files and they work nicely. 2 brushes for a buck.

    Thanks again for all your efforts.


  7. 7

    Thanks, Steve. Glad you like the Disston file handles. Now if we could just get one of the Lees to make them again. (I’ve already requested without luck.)
    And don’t forget this rasp cleaning trick:


  8. 8


    I enjoy reading your writings and others commenting about woodwork’s, sharing information and ideas about woodworking.

    thank you and please keep posting,