• Monday, August 26th, 2013


This is the best screwdriver I have ever used. Made by Spec Tools, the Overdriver Pro has been in service in my shop for 23 years.

Similar to many drivers, the magnetic shaft accepts 1/4″ hex bits, which makes it a versatile space and money saver, and it has a ratchet mechanism to reduce hand fatigue and speed the work, though this one is exceptionally smooth and quiet. There is room to store several bits inside the handle.

What makes this tool unique and great is its patented 4:1 on-demand gear ratio. When you want low speed with high torque, use it like a regular driver with a 1:1 gear. When you want high speed with low torque, use your second hand to grip the large collar at the top of the shaft to actuate the 4:1 mechanism, making it easy to exceed 400 RPM. The smaller collar at the base of the handle reverses the ratchet direction.

None of this would matter if it was flimsily built, but this tool is very well made and tough. It has seen plenty of use in all sorts of DIY work in addition to the woodshop. The handle is hard plastic that gives a surprisingly good grip and is very durable, but can be a little rough in sweaty hands. There is no lock setting on the ratchet mechanism, which I would sometimes find convenient when making a final torque adjustment on a screw and want to back off a little.

The model pictured above has been replaced by the OD-2001 – same tool, different color. It and the RGO-5412, which has a friendlier looking handle containing some firm rubber, are the company’s pro model straight drivers. They cost more but are worth it.

This screwdriver does not seem to be sold by many stores so I thought readers would like to know about it. Spec Tools is located in eastern Massachusetts, and you can order from their site.

This review is unsolicited and uncompensated.

Addendum: I would like readers to know that after I posted this review, the nice people at Spec Tools sent me a package of a few tools, which they insisted I keep with no expectations on their part. I did not solicit, hope for, or at all anticipate this, nor did I subsequently change the content of the post. It is not why I wrote the review. Therefore, I have kept the tools.

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    I used one just like it from Snap-On Tools. It was the best screwdriver I have ever had, until it broke and Snap-On no longer sold it. I bet Spec Tools made it for Snap-On. I have looked for a long time for a replacement. Thanks for letting me know where to get one.

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    man, if it’s better than a yankee it’s one heck of a driver!

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    Jim m 

    Check Lowes as they have an aluminum handled ratcheting screwdriver that has three settings also. First is normal ratchet second is double ratchet accomplished by holding a ring and twisting in the opposite direction and third as a normal static screwdriver. Built to last like a battleship.


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    When the collar of Lowes’ Kobalt brand “Double Driver” is gripped, the tool produces the selected driving motion (forward or reverse) with both directions of the wrist motion, so the “return trip” of the wrist is not “wasted.”

    The Overdriver Pro’s gears produce four turns of the tip for each unidirectional wrist turn when the tool’s collar is gripped. It is much faster and less awkward. Further, I would bet on the durability of the Spec Tools driver much more than the Lowes.

    Nonetheless, thanks for the suggestion, because the Kobalt is cheaper and might fit the bill for some users.