• Saturday, May 19th, 2012

The manufacture of Bartley gel finishes had been discontinued for some time. Reader Mike Dedon gave me the heads up a few days ago that they are now available.

I missed the clear satin gel varnish, having been a fan for many years. Some old stash is pictured above. I called Bartley and they confirmed that the formula for this is unchanged with the exception of a new dryer because the original dryer is no longer made. The new dryer, I am told, imparts a purplish tint to the product but only when it is in the can. The clear varnish is available in satin only.

Seagrave Coatings, the new manufacturer, has been reported for a while now to have acquired the formulas from the former manufacturer and would be producing the finishes. There are several other brands of gel finishes but it is good to have Bartley’s available once again.

Mike tells me he tried one of the gel stains, and though the color was slightly different from his old stock, the application and results were just as good.

Two sources are Bartley and Woodworker’s Supply.

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